Yesterday we went to Buttermere for a night. The aim was to go to Rannerdale to see the bluebells, to camp the night, and to go for a walk the following day. All of which was achieved, in glorious sunshine and warmth. (I got sunburnt. Even my feet.) We camped at Sykes Farm in the middle of the village – a great little campsite, where you can pitch your tent right next to the river with a view of Crummock Water and the hills beyond, where sheep and chickens roam around the site, and where you can watch the Ayrshire cows (who provide the milk for the homemade icecream you can buy at the farm’s tea room) go for milking. The tea room is also great – campers get a special price on breakfast, milk for your coffee comes fresh from the cows and the eggs are from those chickens you see roaming around the campsite checking out people’s pitches. Plus they do the most amazing cakes, and it’s one of the friendliest, most cheerful cafes I’ve ever been in.

We had a cup of tea and then we drove round to Rannerdale to see the bluebells. They really are beautiful, and the smell is amazing.

We then enjoyed the luxury of being able to go to the pub for a meal and not having to drive home. And it was even worth waking up at 2 in the morning for a pee, just to see the stars.


One thought on “BLUEBELLS

  1. I’m always surprised they bloom so much in the open and the full sun – they usually prefer woodlands. We found some even better ones in the Lakes last week – a footpath going up through woods from Muncaster Mill to Muncaster Castle – even our Middleton Woods doesn’t have as many as we saw there.

    Who were the 2 sunbathers?

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