Last Thursday I went on a dawn photography cruise with Ullswater Steamers and the photographer Mark Littlejohn, whose style of work and working I love. It was great fun. I so rarely (make that ‘never’)  make the effort to get out of bed early to catch the dawn and get good photos, like what a real photographer should. We were lucky with the weather – OK, it wasn’t the most glorious of dawns, but having had days of wet and miserable weather, we were blessed with a dry cruise for most of the nearly three hours, with the rain holding off until almost the end, and the clouds giving us some great sunrise and colour shots, as well as some mean and moody skies. It was also calm, so although the light wasn’t great later on, there was the opportunity to get some good reflection photos.

This is a few photos from the morning, some of them pretty much straight out of camera, some played with a bit. You can probably tell which ones have been fiddled… It’s also quite fun because you can see as you go through the photos how the light changed as the morning progressed.



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