Realising it’s been an appallingly long time since I blogged anything, I thought I’d better at least get some galleries of photos taken over the past few months put up – especially as we’re moving from Wales to Cumbria, it’ll probably be a last chance to post pics from the Principality. However, just to be perverse I’m starting with a gallery of pics taken in Yorkshire when we went up to Brough to view what is going to be our new home from the middle of October.

The pictures were taken on the riverside walk from Keld to Muker.

Now for some bird photos…

The spotted flycatcher pics were taken in our garden where we were lucky enough to have them nesting above the woodshed and next to the washing line. They successfully fledged two broods, despite the frequent proximity to Graham’s underwear.

Next a few pictures from around Llangollen

These could also count as around Llangollen – this is Ty Mawr Country Park between Llangollen and Ruabon, which has the Pontcysyllte aqueduct at one end and the – to my mind at any rate – much more elegant and photogenic railway viaduct at the other. You can probably tell I like it from the number of photos…

Heather on the hillsides, harebells, sea holly and meadowsweet, grasses and bracken… growing stuff from around the area

And lastly some winged beasties.


3 thoughts on “CATCHING UP

  1. Especially like those butterfly shots 🙂

    How come you’re now moving from the second nicest place in the world to the nicest? (Wales to Lakes) – are you on a mission to live in all the nicest places in Britain?

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