We’ve become big fans of Conwy lately, and not just because of the castle. We keep finding ourselves gravitating towards the town when we’re fancying a bit of a day out, a walk somewhere… Could it have something to do with the rather fine Albion Ale House (owned by four local breweries and always with eight different real ales on offer, no food – except Edwards of Conwy pork pies, Scotch eggs, olives, nuts and crisps – no canned music, no games machines…)? Or maybe it’s the Fisherman’s Cafe and their rather fine fish and chips (a must after a couple of pints at the aforementioned Ale House)…

Anyway, this weekend we went to have a look at Conwy Mountain, a hill overlooking the town, and site of an Iron Age hillfort. Abundant with flowers and blessed with great views across to Llandudno and Great Orme, as well as of Conwy itself, it’s a great place for a wild and windy walk – perfect for working up an appetite for a beer and a pork pie…



3 thoughts on “ON CONWY MOUNTAIN

  1. I love Conwy hill and its environs. I don’t remember that road view in one of the first photos though. I did go up a road from the Conwy station side – is that view from beyond the summit of the road pass towards the other side?

    The dog looks really smug on that summit photo 😉

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