It’s Graham’s last week of the season as Felltop Assessor and I spent a few days up in Cumbria with him over Easter. We were blessed with absolutely glorious weather on the Sunday which, as luck would have it, was the day I chose to go up Helvellyn with him. It was hot and sunny with hardly any wind – in fact, I got quite sunburnt – but with some cloud sitting in the valleys below us, which looked amazing from above. There was still some snow clinging to the mountain sides, looking a bit like lovely edging decorations, but infinitely more treacherous. It was a busy, busy day, with lots of people about, but we still managed to find a really quiet route down where we discovered frogspawn in marshy ponds, and a lovely stream to cool our feet in. And that evening we met friends for a meal, and on the way we stopped off at Castlerigg stone circle, to get some photos of it looking lovely in the evening sunlight.

I’ll let the pictures describe the day…



  1. You’re the only person to ever make Swirral Edge look flat 😉 There looks to have been a few smallish avalanches there recently and a few more to come by the look of some of those breaking-up cornices. Lovely day to be up there…

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