We went to Aber Falls near Conwy today, a lovely woodland walk to the base of a pretty spectacular fall. I felt the lack of my wide angle zoom (still in the process of being fixed after getting dropped), but being forced to use the telephoto I took a few semi-abstract pics that I quite liked…

I also enjoyed getting some rather blurry photos of a pony having a good old rock’n’roll and then seeming to blow a raspberry at us for laughing!

I also found a fine example of those Welsh slate fences (walls? The debate continues…) whose colours were just fabulous – aqua, turquoise, lilac, blue-grey, mint green…

aber falls-6

And this clearly recently chopped tree appeared to be bleeding jam…

aber falls-7

Time to go home for tea! (Actually, it was time to go the pub for a pint, but never mind!)


3 thoughts on “BEFORE A FALL

  1. Ha, ha! I love that third and fourth shot of the rolling pony – couldn’t stop laughing at those for a while – once I’d got the image of it lying there after being shot dead out of my head – it could look like that too. Well captured photos!

  2. I like the way your waterfall photos capture pieces of the scene — they make me more curious than a wide angle shot would have. 🙂 I was at Aber Falls just last week, although I haven’t gotten any photos up yet. A beautiful area, and if you continue around the North Wales Path there are some lovely views of both the waterfall and the sea.

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