Our last few trips out have had something of a historical bent – first off, we visited a prehistoric burial chamber at Dyffryn Ardudwy, then continued to do a walk taking in the site of an old hillfort and a Roman bridge.

Then, last weekend, we decided to visit Conwy – a wonderful north Wales coastal town with magnificent castle and town walls (not to mention one of the finest real ale pubs ever!)

And then we went on to visit Dolbadarn Castle, which – as well as being so wonderfully photogenic – sparked a major debate on pronunciation and resulted in our getting great advice on Twitter which in turn led on to a mission to learn Welsh…

I’ll keep you posted as to how we’re getting on with that one!



  1. My Dad was teaching me Welsh when I was younger. Then I went to secondary school and had to do French. The nouns were just so similar I kept giving the French teacher the Welsh word and so, unfortunately, had to give up learning Welsh. I was pretty miffed as I’d far rather learn our ancient languages than French! 😦

    Isn’t that Pont y Scethin below Moelfre in your photos. One of my favourite parts of Wales up on those hills 🙂

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