bertie blackrock 2

Today we went to Black Rock Sands, near Porthmadog. This is an absolutely amazing beach – vast and windy, with views of Criccieth Castle at one end, and Harlech Castle at the other, and the Snowdonia mountain range behind.

We took Bert’s ball – he does so love to be on a beach – and spent a good couple of hours, hurling it up and down the beach for him, in and out of the water, while we watched fluffy white clouds scud across a blue sky, as their shadows chased each other across the mountains.

You can drive your car right on to the beach, which is what most people do, and there were families cycling, people kite surfing, one guy land yachting, a kid on a dune buggy, and the owners of the happiest dogs in the world, with their charges revelling in the marvellous freedom that October, and the end of the dog curfew on beaches, brings.



3 thoughts on “BEACHCOMBING

  1. What’s the beach dog ban in aid of? Is it about dog dirt or the possibility of children being attacked by a dog? I’d never heard of it before I read your blog and had no idea there was such a thing (not that I have a dog)…

    I wouldn’t mind having a go at that sand-yachting – looks fun!

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