There’s definitely an autumnal feel in the air now, even though when the sun comes out some days it still feels like T-shirt and shorts weather. A couple of walks out with Bert recently and I’ve left my fleece jacket hanging over the gatepost at the top of the drive, cos I’m already sweating by the time we get there. And then just hope and pray that the weather doesn’t suddenly change during the hour that we’re out…

heather & bill

It’s an amazing late summer/early autumn so far for fruit though. Our hedges are sagging under the weight of blackberries, I’ve been collecting punnets full of bilberries on the hillside at Carnedd y Filiast, our gnarly old apple trees are heavy with (admittedly rather gnarly-looking) fruit, and even at the industrial estate where I work the hazel trees in the hedges are laden with nuts. We’ve plums and sloes – and we would have had raspberries but the birds and the flies ate them all… So Graham has been busy making jam while I’ve been making fruit pies and crumbles and the freezer is stuffed full of stewed fruit.

carnedd view

The pre-autumnal colours are beautiful too – up on the hillsides the heather and the red and brown-turning bilberry leaves are creating a patchwork of colours that is simply stunning. The patchwork of purple on my fingers after an hour of berry collecting is not quite so lovely, however!

bert mush bert mush 2

And it looks like it could be a good autumn for mushrooms this year too – if this enormous cep that Bert and I found on the way up through the woods is anything to go by!




  1. It’s been good for mushrooms so far and I found some puffballs but they’d got too wet and went brown very quickly so I only got to eat one. Haven’t seen many bilberries at all though – I think we can blame my frequent trips to Scotland for that – if I was spending more time n the Lakes, I’m sure I’d be stuffed with them šŸ˜‰

    I once ate so many bilberry pies in a cafe that my teeth went completely black all the way through (my enamel is probably really thin). I didn’t know but thought the ladies at the counter gave me a very strange look when I went to pay. I later saw my teeth in the rear-view mirror when I was driving and screamed and nearly crashed the car!

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