Just some more pictures really…

For a change recently Bert and I went for a walk along the canal from Berwyn Station and Horseshoe Falls back towards Llangollen. At one point we came across a host of Beautiful Demoiselles – the first ones I’ve seen this year – with about five gorgeously coloured males chasing each comparativelly dowdy brown female.

A few weeks ago, we went up to the Llyn Peninsula for a look around, and as well as taking a walk above Hell’s Mouth bay (if ever somewhere had a misleading name it must be this beautiful bay), we found a great beach where dogs were allowed. Bertie loved it – I think it reminded him of Canna and Shetland…

Even on the walks around near home there’s always plenty to see. I’ve been chasing Red Admirals up and down the drive today, with absolutely no success – they’re very flighty – but the things that don’t move, or at least not so fast (landscapes, skies, clouds, flowers, that sort of thing…) have been more obliging in recent days…


4 thoughts on “A BEAUTIFUL DAY, M’OISELLE…

  1. What an absolutely cracking place to live – I’m very jealous!

    Are there some beaches where dogs aren’t allowed then? And why is that beach called “Hell’s Mouth”?

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