Our new garden is just alive with life. And now, it’s clearly alive with new life too. The long-tailed tits that we saw heading in and out of the holly bush are clearly feeding babies, backwards-ing and forwards-ing with their tiny beaks stuffed full of more food than you would have thought they could carry.

It’s fun and fascinating to watch them as the approach the nest. What’s most amazing is the way they stop in mid-flight between the safety of the sycamore, where they’ve collected their wiggling green caterpillars and other goodies, and the hollybush where the nest is, and pirouette in mid-air, as if spinning on the tips of their tails, checking that no predators are around, watching, before they flit into the prickly leaves, only to appear again a millisecond later – could they really have fed the chicks all that food in such a short space of time?

I’ve had lots of fun with the camera trying to capture some of those moments when they’re halted in mid-air, but my arms have got tired long before those industrious little birds have given up for the day.


One thought on “DANCING IN THE SKY

  1. Those are great! Good job I haven’t been photographing the birds I’ve been seeing the last week or so. Wood pigeons – all chasing each other around and mating furiously on branches. I couldn’t believe the cheek of one of the males yesterday – he mated one female and then flew straight off to start on another! I’d have slapped him if I’d been her (either of the shes) 😉

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