It’s been a bit frantic this past week. Preparations for our move have suddenly shot ahead – we’ve gone from being worried about the possibility of homelessness to having to run around like blue-arsed flies to get it all organised in the space of a couple of days. But we’ve managed to get some pleasureable moments in too. After all, why else would we bother…?

Walking Bert around Llynclys Common – where I heard my first willow warbler a week ago – on the way home from work midweek, this time it was the flowers that got me..

On Good Friday, we went climbing – the first time I’ve climbed in about 10 years, and though I was a bit rubbish to start with, I did get my act together and stopped being such a big wuss by the end, and now I’m looking forward to more expeditions. The best thing about Friday, though, was that we were at Craig yr Aderyn, and there were choughs circling and calling overhead constantly. If only I’d taken the 400mm lens with me. Next time. For today, I had to be satisfied with pictures of Graham abseiling…

And on Saturday we went to the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust’s reserve at Gilfach, and saw our first Pied Flycatchers of the year and lots of Redstarts – along with Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs, Blackcaps etc etc. It’s a great reserve, and I recommend anybody in the area to pay a visit. We came back via the Elan Valley – awash with tourists cycling, walking and driving their way around the reservoirs – to admire the impressive dams, and there were also quite a few Red Kites about…

Today, the weather has turned: it’s dull, cold and wet… which is just as well, as we’ve lots of boxes to pack!


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