Yesterday, we took the dogs (we’re dogsitting for my sister, so we have her Spaniel, Rosie, staying for the weekend) up to the Dyfnant Forest for a walk, and along the way we spotted that the larches have begun to flower.

Larch flowers are amazing. The female flowers are whorls of pink, cream and green that look like fabulous Faberge eggs, or cones of raspberry-sauce swirled icecream. The male flowers – which grow on the same tree – are more understated, small, creamy-coloured affairs. Having said that, the female flowers range in size from a half a centimetre to a massive centimetre!

Sadly, some of the trees that suffered in the gales are larches, and there were quite a few down along our walk – but because they were fallen I didn’t feel so bad about pinching a few flower-bearing twigs for photography purposes. And this afternoon, I got my extension tube out, and played around getting some macro pics of these simply lovely flowers.


2 thoughts on “LARCHING ABOUT

  1. Those are wonderful – both your photos of them and the flowers themselves. Strangely, to say I’m a country person and we do have some larches around here, I never knew they had those pretty flowers! You definitely learn something new every day (especially on WordPress 🙂 )

  2. Thanks Carol. That’s one of the joys of having taken up photography – it makes you really look at things, and look for things, when you’re out and about. I do think it’s given me a better appreciation of the world about me – and I’m still learning to see.

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