The Roman Steps (Take 2)

We went up Cwm Bychan again the other day. The weather was just a bit different from our Christmas Eve walk (as per my previous blog) when it hailed on us just as we got to the little bridge. Today it was warm and sunny – a beautiful spring day.

This time, we made it to the top of the pass, and were rewarded with views across the Coed y Brenin forest, out beyond Trawsfynydd and, barely visible in the haze, the distant peak of Arenig Fawr. Above us to our right, loomed the top of Rhinog Fawr. We sat on the rocky slabs admiring the view, while Graham boiled up the kettle on his camping stove and we had a very British, terribly civilised, cup of Earl Grey tea.

As the sun dipped behind the hills and the afternoon air cooled, we headed back down, taking care over the slippery rocks – amazing to think they had been placed there so many centuries ago. Long before the Romans, despite the name. And apparently in medieval times this was the main route between Harlech Castle and London!

Treading in the footsteps of the ancients…


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