On reflection

The weather’s been absolutely bloody awful the past week, and the chances of getting out with the camera and getting any photos of anything have been fleeting. A couple of times I’ve lugged the camera with me, for it never to leave the cosy, warm safety of the bag. And on those occasions I’ve mostly wished I’d never left the cosy, warm safety of the sofa…

Anyway, today, as it was once againg hoiking it down, I decided to play around with a bit of indoor photography. We have the luxury of room-wide, low-level windows running across the back of the lounge, so even on dull, drear days they let in a lot of light. And I wanted to play with my reflector. This was a bargain I bought some time ago from Amazon for about a tenner, but have barely really used. It’s a five-in-one, so it’s basically a big diffuser, with a reversible cover that gives you white, gold and silver reflectors, and a black – well, what would you call it? A light absorber…?

Ideally, I could do with a willing model, but Graham’s never very keen and Bert can’t sit still for long enough (though I did manage to make a bit of an example of him today – see below). So I have to mostly make do with still lifes. Today I used an old wooden model of a car, a stuffed toy of indeterminate species (we can’t decide if it’s a dog or a cat), and an apple. And a bit of Bert.

Well, it kept me out of mischief for an afternoon….

So there you have it. Reflectors are very useful for bouncing light back on to side- or back-lit subjects, but you need to be careful about which colour you choose as although the differences can be quite subtle, they can be quite marked.


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