Look at me! Look at me!

Someone tweeted yesterday that ‘it’s against the spirit of Twitter to advertise’. Surely, the whole point of Twitter is to advertise?

We’re all advertising ourselves. Advertising how supremely witty we are; how superior our taste in music is; how clever, well-educated or literary we are; how up-to-the-minute with modern culture we are; how lovely our dog is, haven’t we got great taste?; how we watched the latest episode of the latest in Scandinavian noir on the telly last night, aren’t we cool?; how supportive we are of our football team; how much we know about our chosen favourite subject, whether that be politics, the weather or wildlife.

Everyone on Twitter is there to advertise themselves, begging the world to “Look at me! Look at me!”


5 thoughts on “Look at me! Look at me!

  1. Yes! In a way, showing my love of birding and wildlife behind the lens, I’m promoting my self. I never gave that a thought before, but Yes! I have been promoting my self all along I suppose now that I think about it. Look at me! Look at me! Knowing that don’t give me any great pleasure though, just an understanding! Thank you for the new perspective and sharing your nice post, Michael ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Michael – it was meant to be a slightly tongue-in-cheek post; taking the fact that we enjoy sharing what we love and what makes us laugh, gives us pleasure, makes us go ‘oooh!’ with others, and giving it a slightly different perspective. And those of us who enjoy beautiful wildlife photography like yours are very glad that you’re out there showing (even advertising!) your love of birding.

  2. A bit depressing that you’re right I suppose, although I think most of us, on blogs at least, are trying to do other things as well. But I suppose we all live for the likes, comments and reads really, no matter what the platform.

    However, I do derive a lot of pleasure on my blog from putting out things which I think will be useful to other hillwalkers, and often it turns out that many find it useful – but not all my posts can be useful and I feel that I should post weekly so usually put something out once a week anyway.

    So anyway – like Michael says above – look at me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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