It’s a train, it’s a train!

Unfortunately, not many of the trains at Oswestry Station are going very far… Though they do – so I was told, by a very friendly chap who appeared while I was snooping around taking photographs – run steam trains in the summer.

Anyway, I’d spotted the station on a previous walk and thought there was great photography potential there, so I went back yesterday to get some pictures. I snuck on to the platform via a broken fencing panel and did feel a little bit nervous that I might get thrown out, but I needn’t have worried. The aforementioned friendly chap seemed not at all bothered by my presence – in fact, he was quite keen to chat to me about the railway and the station.

However, the weather was grey, dull and overcast, with very flat light, so not the best day for photography. Plus, I only had a half-hour, but I decided to play around with black and white a bit. The station itself is now a museum, and there are all sorts of bits and pieces of old machinery and engines jumbled in piles along the tracks and under the signal box.

These are the results; I’m not entirely convinced – I just messed around with some Lightroom black and white pre-sets for fun – but I’ll aim to go back on a better day and, feeling more relaxed and knowing I’m not likely to get chucked out, I might come back with something I’m happier with.


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